by Deadsea



released October 1, 2007


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Track Name: Northwitch
Through the mist into the night
Candles burn like Satan’s eyes
Through the door, beyond the crypt
She cries a spell so hypnotic

She takes my heart into her eyes
With dagger high she calls the rites
Falling far falling deep
I awaken to the skies
Of fallen hearts and fallen leaves
Through possession’s fire I rise


Take the time to search your soul
Open your eyes and take control
The autumn breeze occludes my eyes
With the evening sun I’ll leave behind
All of the reveries that I let die
Track Name: Coming Home
The promise of life unravels from my spine
Running and sinking forever through sands of time
I’ve tried so hard just to live my life
but the sun is setting on the time that's passed me by

predestination echoes through the lands
it cries out the omens of the dead
winds of hellfire burn through the skies
erasing the future days ahead

the world is burning my heart is yearning
for the meadows of solace that used to be
all my fears from all my years
through Satan’s voice come calling back to me

crying in pain in the pouring rain
the dead are rising from the gates of hell
storms of locusts ring forevermore
like a song of broken bells

as we run screaming hell through the night
it is then we feel the love no one could lend
take a look to the sky for the very last time
because this is the end
Track Name: Killing Faith (Crying Death)
killing faith crying death
out of time left to die
destitute of future lives in dreams we'll leave behind
falling farther from the earth
spiraling insane
the travesty of hell ascends
through eminent domain

subservant to apostasy
omens of the storm
enconium of the sleepless dead
the resonance of hallowed death
possess the blood and soil
efflorescence of infernal hell

bring the pigs to the center of the star
raise the blade to the light
cut the throats spill the blood
release their lives to the skies
taste the blood of the dead
it holds the deed to your lands
genocide of judge and jury
kill or be killed
Track Name: Assault
greetings friend
bet you thought you'd never see me again
but I have returned to even the score
welcome to my show

no intro
you won't see me coming
but you'll feel a volume hammer
open your skull crack your teeth
I’ll carve out your eyes with a pocket knife
smash in your face with cast iron extreme
end of your ego dream
your life flashes by within your last breath
your nostrils will burn as you fever with death

Track Name: Vampyre's Kiss
stalking the night under pale moons
boiling with evil raged with bloodlust
up from the crypts of silent darkness
with erotic visions drenched in blood

hypnotic eyes command, with precise chastity
the walking dead, restless arcana

avarice virgin mesmerized by my void
starving fangs pierce
quenching the thirst
blood is spilling down her milk white skin
as I take her astral body far beyond the lunar skies
the years in her blood enrapture me

I am the beast
Lucifer’s spawn
I shall kill
their silken hearts
I will drink their lives
keep your crosses and your seeds away
for I will reign eternal life
Track Name: Frozen Rivers
early in the morning
before the dawning sky
a feeling inside is burning
a staying reign of fear

the fear inside believes

as all things clear around me
and I look to see what is real
I can't remember the feeling
which claims the time Is near

I know the time is near

just let yourself die
body burning free from the earth
let your soul live!!!!
falling far from this freezing hell

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